Tom Sullivan Family Connections

After posting an entry on 5 September about the professional sculler and coach, Tom Sullivan, I received a nice e-mail from Mrs. Anne-Marie Wallace of New Zealand. Mrs. Wallace is doing research on her family and her grandmother was a 1st cousin of Tom Sullivan. Mrs. Wallace has taken a special interest in Sullivan, who was born exactly 100 years before her own son, 18 September 1868, respectively 1968.

Sullivan was brought up in Puhoi, New Zealand, but his father, John Sullivan, was brought up in Southwark on the Thames, as was John Sullivan’s sister, who might still have family connections there or elsewhere in England, she writes. Tom Sullivan died in Vienna in 1947.

If anyone has more information about Tom Sullivan, e.g. if he was married and had any children, please contact me, so I can pass on the information to Mrs. Wallace. Thank you!

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