Henley’s Semi-Saturday

Two stylish spectators in an equally stylish launch watch the action on Saturday, Henley’s semi-finals day.

3 July 2022

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch is working weekends.

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Saturday’s results.

Selected Saturday Race Reports

The Saturday Highlights Video.

On the riverbank

Off the water, Henley is a great place for meeting old friends and making new ones. Here are a few people that I met on Saturday.

Veteran rowing journalist and writer, Chris Dodd (right) and I fell into conversation with one of the newest Henley Stewards, Aquil Abdullah (left) who proved to be great company.
I asked this gentleman if I could photograph him and his Grasshopper Club Zürich green trousers. It transpired that he was Jurij Benn, a loyal reader who regularly posts “likes” or comments on the HTBS website or Twitter account.
Jurij’s Grasshopper blazer badge.
In the press box, I was very pleased to meet Harrison Walton, the great-great grandson of a hero of mine, Wally Kinnear, winner of the Olympic Sculls in 1912. Harrison has inherited Wally’s aquatic genes and is rowing at Abingdon School and coaching at Abingdon Rowing Club. Further, he is working for Junior Rowing News while at the regatta.
The Rev. Thaddeus (Thad) Bennett coxed the Kent School crew that rowed over the course during the Saturday tea break. It contained many of the Kent crew that won the Princess Elizabeth Cup in 1972. Thad actually coxed the 1971 Henley crew, the cox in 1972 was Roger Stewart who provided the original “analogue” megaphone that he used fifty years ago.
The Kent Crew that rowed over the course coxed by Thad with Roger’s megaphone. The row also marked the 100th Anniversary of the Kent Rowing Program.
Social distancing is currently a thing of the past.

Going afloat

Windsor Boys. Sunday’s final of the Fawley (Junior Men’s Quads) will be between Windsor Boys “A” and “B” crews.
Oxford Brookes “A” go out for their race with USR Triton, Netherlands, in the Temple (Student Eights). They won and will meet the University of Washington, USA, in the final.
The Chinese National Rowing Team’s entry for the Princess Grace (Open Women’s Quad Sculls). They went on to beat Waiariki RC, New Zealand, and will race Rowing Australia on Sunday.
Leander’s entry for the Prince of Wales (Intermediate Men’s Quads). They later beat London RC and will race Reading University “A” in the final.
Windsor Boys keep a lookout.
The remarkable Imogen Grant, a lightweight who likes to take on the big girls, in the Boat Race and internationally.

Race mode

Bartholot of Australia beating Secher of Denmark in the Diamonds (Open Men’s Sculls). He will meet Zeidler of Germany in the final.
In an exciting race in a heat of the Prince Philip (Junior Women’s Eights), the Winter Park Crew, Florida, USA, beat by half-a-length Henley Rowing Club, until then, many people’s favourite for the Regatta.
Henley (background) and Winter Park (foreground) battle it out in the last few strokes.
The Chinese crew in the Princess Grace (Open Women’s Quads).
The Chinese women beat Waiariki RC, New Zealand, and will race Australia for the trophy.
In the Temple (Men’s Student Eights), Oxford Brookes University “A” (background) beat Utrechtsche Studenten Roeivereeniging Triton, Netherlands (foreground). They will race the University of Washington in the final.
J. Morrison and M. Musnicki, California Rowing Club, USA, victors in the Hambledon Pairs (Open Women’s Pairs). They will meet Campbell-Orde and Heath of Leander Club in the final.
Morrison and Musnicki beat JLD Mitchell and GL Gleeson, Rowing Australia (pictured).
Thames Rowing Club “A” beat Tideway Scullers “A” in a heat of the Wargrave (Women’s Club Eights). Thames will race Leander for the cup.
Buriak of the Ukraine and Kobus-Zawojska of Poland (pictured) lost to Reardon and Coleman, Australia, in a heat of the Stonor (Women’s Open Double Sculls).
In an exciting Princess Elizabeth heat, Radley College beat Eton College by 1/4/ length. Eton led Radley at the Barrier and at Fawley.
In a rain lashed race, Radley went ahead in the last few seconds. The Princess Elizabeth final will be between Radley and St Paul’s.
Sunday’s finals.

The livestream of Sunday’s finals is here.


  1. Thank you for the link and to Tim for his wonderful coverage on HTBS. We
    have just finished watching the racing on youtube, having been at Henley
    during the week. In some ways it is better to watch live feed of the
    racing, which I have not really done much before. But being there gives
    you a lot of added atmosphere….

    Jane Kingsbury

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