Henley: That Friday Feeling

Jasper Liu of the Texas Rowing Center, USA, perhaps demonstrating the reason that so many Texans are keen on the right to bare arms. Liu and his partner, Zachary Heese, beat Kleshnev and Cartwright of Leander Club in a heat of the (Men’s Open) Double Sculls.

2 July 2022

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch on July’s Good Friday.

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Friday’s results.

Selected Friday Race Reports.

The Friday highlights video.

Eton College beating The King’s School, Chester, in the Princess Elizabeth (Men’s Junior Eights).
Eton swing, swing together.
There was a light rain shower around midday but nothing like the downpour of the previous day. 
The Barbarians Rowing Club, Australia, led by Thames RC (out of shot) in the Wargrave (Women’s Club Eights).
The Thames RC “A” crew that beat the Barbarians RC in the Wargrave.
Going to blazers.
Waiariki Rowing Club, New Zealand, beat Oxford Brookes University and Oxford University Women’s Boat Club in the Town Cup (Women’s Open Coxless Fours).
Oxford Brookes University and Oxford University Women’s Boat Club are led home by Waiariki.
The Chinese National Rowing Team’s entry for the Remenham (Women’s Open Eights) warms up as one for their (ultimately victorious) race against Leander and Tideway Scullers.
Liu and Heese of the Texas Rowing Centre beating Kleshnev and Cartwright of Leander Club in a heat of the (Men’s Open) Double Sculls.
Liu and Heese about to cross the line.
Nothing says “Henley” like an Elvis impersonator followed by a giant plastic duck.
In a heat of the Princess Royal (Women’s Open Single Sculls) Kohler of the Texas Rowing Center beat Henry of Leicester. Henry was a finalist last year.
Kara Kohler won a bronze medal in the quad at the London 2012 Games. She also has a World Championship gold medal in the coxless four and a World Championship bronze in the single sculls.
Members of the Amsterdam Student Rowing Club (ASR) Nereus wearing some of their famous blazers. They are passed on from one generation of students to the next and must not be cleaned or repaired.
Dymchenko of Azerbaijan sculls over in the Princess Royal (Open Women’s Single Sculls). 
Kennedy and Kiddle of the Wairiki Rowing Club are the new New Zealand lightweight crew and are racing in the Stonor (Women’s Open Double Sculls).
Oxford Brookes and Leander in training for the Grand (Men’s Open Eights).
The Cambridge University Boat Club’s entry for the Visitors (Men’s Intermediate Coxless Fours). They eventually lost to a Thames Rowing Club and Leander Club composite.
Even though some of the eclectic mix of music played by the ex-military musicians of the so-called British Imperial Band in a corner of the Stewards’ Enclosure is contemporary, its programme of music adds to the Enclosure’s Edwardian air.
After being beaten by Shiplake in the Diamond Jubilee (Women’s Junior Quads), the girls from Lea RC show a mature attitude to losing.

The livestream of Saturday’s semi-finals is here

Looking through Roesie-tinted spectacles

Roesie Percy – blind photographer and rowing enthusiast.

While on the photographer’s stand next to the progress board near to the Henley finish, I met the remarkable 21-year-old Roesie Percy, a sight-impaired photographer. To give me an idea of how restricted her sight is, she told me that she cannot visually recognise people that she knows, even when close up. I talked to her further:

RP: My name is Roesie but I more commonly go under “a_blind_photographer” on Instagram and other social media. I’m a severely sight-impaired photographer, I take pictures of rowing but I used to do cityscapes, landscapes, architecture. I can’t see a lot, I can’t see any detail at all, so I go off shapes, colours and contrast when I take pictures (and in life, I suppose). 

TK: Sometimes rowing is a very high contrast sport and sometimes a very low contrast sport.  

RP: Yes, indeed. I like to shoot with the sun behind me… Some people say that my pictures are actually quite detailed but that is not what I initially look for.

TK: You used to row yourself?

RP: I did, I learned to row with the City of Bristol Rowing Club when I was 12… I did local regattas and head races. When I got to 17 – 18, a lot of people that I rowed with dropped out so I decided to take up photography instead, I was interested in it anyway. I went to the Boat Race in 2019 and that’s when it all kicked off… I thought, “I’m actually OK at this, let’s see where I can take it.”

She has taken it a long way. Look at Roesie’s impressive portfolio on Instagram.

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