Henley Thursday: Sunshine and Showers

Two spectators braving a downpour to watch Molly Harding of Molesey row over following the disappointing news that her opponent, Emma Twigg, the New Zealand Olympic champion, had withdrawn from The Princess Royal (Women’s Single Sculls) for medical reasons. Twigg won the event in 2009 and 2019 and had been the favourite for this year.

1 July 2022

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch watches swinging in the rain.

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Thursday’s results.

Thursday’s video highlights.

Thursday’s selected race reports.

The course seen from the press box.
Münchener Ruder-Club who beat City of Bristol in a heat of the Thames, go through Henley Bridge.
City of Bristol in recovery.
Upstream of Henley Bridge away from the course, crews can warm up, warm down and practice. 
Old school double sculls.
Headington School, last year’s inaugural winners of the Prince Philip Challenge Trophy Junior Women’s Eights).
Last minute words to the Headington crew.
Winter Park from Florida came through the Qualifying Races and on Thursday knocked Headington out of the Prince Philip.
Davidson of California Rowing Club, USA, beating Zawojski of Akademicki Zwiazek Sportowy Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego Warszawa, Poland, in the Diamonds (Open Men’s Single Sculls). Davison has talked about an American not having won the Diamonds for 17 years – all he has to do is get past Oliver Zeidler.
Zeidler of Frankfurter Rudergesellschaft Germania 1869 e.V., Germany, beating Young of Cambridge ’99 Rowing Club in the Diamonds (Open Men’s Single Sculls).
Oliver Zeidler, the 6ft 8in European and World Champion.
Another view of Zeidler to worry Davidson.
Kohler of the Texas Rowing Center pictured while beating Kennedy of Cambridge University in the Princess Royal (Open Women’s Single Sculls).
Brown University, USA, have an unusually long layback but still used it to beat Newcastle University in the Island (Student Women’s Eights).
Newcastle chasing Brown in the Island.
At 3.30, there was a heavy downpour of rain. The continuance of racing was in doubt for a time when there was a distant flash of lightning. However, no more followed and the planned programme was kept to.
Shelter is at a premium in Stewards’ when it rains.
Rain does not stop play. Leander (left) race Brown University, USA, in the Princess Grace (Open Women’s Quad Sculls).
Aitchison and Cracknell of Itchen Imperial Rowing Club beat Bell and Nesom of Oxford Brookes University in the Silver Goblets (Open Men’s Pairs).
Matt Parish (stroke) and Richard Manners (bow) are both 50-years-old but, instead of entering Henley Masters, they decided to take on the youngsters in the Silver Goblets.
Sadly, Parish and Manners, rowing for the Cambridge alumni club, Crabtree, lost by two lengths to Brown and Hodgson of Tideway Scullers. However, the old Tabs were giving away nearly 30 years.
Parish and Manners back at the boat tents, both competing at Henley when many men of their age are contemplating taking up jogging (tomorrow).
Matt Parish with his son, Ollie, who is rowing for Cambridge in the Visitors’ (Intermediate Men’s Coxless Fours). I should know this, but are there any other examples of a father and son competing at the same Henley?

The livestream for Friday is here.

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  1. In 2001 Father and son for the first time in 150 years of Henley raced together in the double sculls ,,Father 50 years old son 19 yrs old

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