Bantam Men Chosen for Inaugural IRA Division III National Championship

21 May 2022

The Trinity College (Hartford) men’s rowing team has been selected for the first-ever Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) Division III National Championship Regatta during the first weekend in June. The two-day Division III portion of the regatta will take place on Friday, 3 June and Saturday, 4 June, on Mercer Lake in West Windsor, New Jersey, the college said in a press release.

The IRA National Championship is the oldest college rowing championship in the United States. Seven varsity eights were selected for the inaugural event, including three automatic bids, a slot for teams without access to automatic bids, and three at-large selections. Williams, the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) Champion, Bates and Washington College earned the automatic bids while Trinity, Hamilton, Tufts and Worcester Tech earned at-large bids. On 3 June, the seven crews will race for lane placement in the championship final the next day. Times and lane assignments will be released in the next few weeks. 

Coach Kevin MacDermott. Photo: Trinity College

Trinity men’s rowing, coached by Kevin MacDermott, finished 3-1 in dual racing, placed sixth in the New England Rowing Championship (NERC) Regatta, and eighth in the National Invitational Rowing Championship (NIRC) Regatta this spring. The Bantams were fourth among NESCAC teams in the NIRC Regatta and are currently ranked fourth nationally.


  1. Teams! Teams!? Give us a break , puhleeze ..! Teams play football or cricket.
    Rowing is a sport where boats are propelled, with oars or sculls, by a crew of men or women.
    I know we live in the 21C and the English language is alive , well and meaning’s change with time but, standards must be maintained!

    • “Team” might be an Americanism for crew. However, the rowers at Trinity College in Hartford do one thing that I really like. They call the water activity we all love for “rowing”, as in “I row”, while other U.S. colleges say, “I crew”!

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