USPS Releases Four Women’s Rowing Stamps

The four stamps released by USPS celebrating women’s rowing.

14 May 2022

By Göran R Buckhorn

The United States Postal Service (USPS) issued four commemorative forever stamps to celebrate women’s rowing yesterday. At 11 a.m. an official ceremony started at the Philadelphia Girls’ Rowing Club on Kelly Drive in Philadelphia.

“Rowing makes a positive impact, physically and mentally, on women and girls of all ages and Title IX opened the opportunity for women and girls to grow and grow,” said Sophie Socha, president of the Philadelphia Girls’ Rowing Club, which was founded in 1938. “These stamps are timely, and a much-appreciated tribute to this achievement.”

Guests present at the stamp ceremony were Amanda Kraus, CEO of USRowing; Carol Bower, Olympic gold medalist and Bryn Mawr College head rowing coach; Elizabeth Milroy, professor emerita of art history, Wesleyan University; Brannon Johnson, founder and head coach of BLJ Community Rowing, which is the only African-American-owned and operated rowing organisation in the USA; and Ethel Kessler, the USPS art director for the stamps.

The Women’s Rowing forever stamps are being sold in panes of 20 stamps.

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