Row Boat Diplomacy

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson with his Swedish counterpart, Magdalena Andersson at the official country estate of the Swedish Prime Minister, Harpsund, sited on the southeast coast near Stockholm. Behind them is the estate’s lake.

13 May 2022

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch puts words into people’s mouths.

On 11 May, The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, visited Sweden and met with Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. They signed a mutual security agreement with the UK promising to support Sweden against potential Russian threats.

After the formal part of their meeting ended, the two prime ministers took a rowing boat, the Harpsundsekan, out on the estate’s lake, a tradition for visiting leaders that was started in 1953 by Tage Erlander, the Swedish Prime Minister between 1946 and 1969. HTBS has written about this before. 

One picture in particular of the two prime ministers afloat became an instant meme. Below is my contribution.

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