12 March 2009 – Still Blogging…

The image to illustrate the first article on HTBS on 12 March 2009 – James Tissot’s painting “On the Thames”, also known as “Return from Henley” (c.1882). The painting depicts the artist’s mistress Kathleen Newton. Sadly, Kathleen died of tuberculosis in 1882. She was 28 years old.

12 March 2021

By Göran R Buckhorn

HTBS is turning 12 – and no cake.

On 12 March 2009, I wrote a blog post that started: ‘Against better judgment I have become a blogger.’ That came to be the first sentence of the then newly started rowing history website ‘Hear The Boat Sing’ – HTBS for short.

What I thought was going to be a short-lived affair, an easy kill-off, proved to be all but.

Today, exactly 12 years later, HTBS is still alive – and kicking. The reason it is still here, and thriving, is because of all those regular and irregular writers who insist on penning articles and poems that grace this website almost daily.

So how long can we keep on doing this? I have no idea.

What might have been the death-blow to HTBS, the now one year-long pandemic, proved to be the opposite. The year 2020 and the months of January, February and March this year have been a never seen upward trend of articles flooding in from the ‘regulars’ and ‘irregulars’. And never during these 12 years have so many readers found their way to HTBS.

My warm thanks to all of you writers and readers who keep HTBS  going!


  1. Your readers who remain mostly silent thank you for your warm thanks, but send both our great thanks and huge congratulations on all that you have achieved in so short a time.
    You have kept us wonderfully informed and amused in equal measure.
    How to properly and adequately express thanks for all that, I know not. Probably others may succeed and I hope so.

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