The Crew That Makes The Boat Sing

Larry Fogelberg to a spectator, presumably a reader of HTBS: “Look at that HTBS Eight, / as clever with the oar, as with the pen. / They use the same rate, / telling rowing lore, as when they do a power ten. / The seats they like to share, / as the Eight often takes a spare.”

13 March 2021

By Larry Fogelberg

I just discovered there are nine names listed here as contributors.
HTBS has a crew for its eight, but it can’t be “the boys in the boat”,
Since one is a girl, a lady no doubt, the boys all gentlemen, seniors.
There are plenty of spares, but this is the crew that will float.

Should the lady be coxswain, mastering (mistressing?) every turn?
But ladies first, Hèléne Rémond, you’re number one, not in the stern.

Number two will be Philip Kuepper, lord of meter and foot,
In poetry, not in measuring the length of the crew’s route.

The crew needs a young man, strong and fit at three.
Who better to sit there than William O’Chee?

In the powerhouse now, the men who always make the boat sing,
Thomas E. Weil and Timothy Koch, Greg Denieffe, names that ring.

Louis Petrin’s (pen) strokes are clean, strong and even,
Ideal for his place as the man at number seven.   ;-/

But now for the stroke and coxswain, who’s left?
Chris Dodd and Göran Buckhorn, both very deft
With words and – no doubt – once with oars.
Maybe they would prefer two fours.

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