Courses in Art

13 September 2020

By Philip Kuepper


On the canvas of the river,
rain comes,
a Pointilist,
never a Cubist.
Oils prove Abstractionists;
the river, itself, a landscapist,
when the water is calm, clear,
reflecting the shores,
while, also, proving adept
at portraiture, drawing,
to perfection, the faces
of sun, and moon.


Rowers pose
a challenge.
Ideal for life classes,
they are not ones to sit still.
And when interfacing with the river,
they prove adept performance artists,
leaving in their wakes takes
on Abstractionism.  No theory for them.
All is practice.
Regarding the representational?
Well, yes, and no.
They define.  And, yet,
they deconstruct.

(31 July 2020)

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