The Gospel According to Steve

13 January 2020

By Chris Dodd

Chris Dodd stumbles across a book at Leander.

Book donor Pat Delafield. Courtesy of Peter Spurrier, Intersport Images.

I had cause to stay at the boutique hotel that is Leander recently, where the extremely well appointed rooms overlooking the Thames at Henley are themed by famous clubs with Henley connections. I was allotted the Cambridge room, equipped with an Olympic medallist’s size bed and faded photos of Light Blue glory days. I searched in vain for a Gideon Bible, instead, appropriately, finding the Gospel according to Fairbairn in the bedside cabinet – the gospel according to Fairbairn in Japanese to be exact.

This handsome volume of Steve’s Rowing Notes was translated into Japanese by Toyoshige Sasada and published by Keio University RC (whose motto is Calamus Gladio Fortior; ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’) and Mira RC  in 2002. That redoubtable Light Blue Patrick Delafield came across the work and hit on the perfect place for it to reside.

His dedication in the book reads:

Presented to the CUBC room at Leander Club by Patrick Delafield. I particularly commend the extremely careful construction of the translation and theory in section 5*. It makes the most exhilarating bedtime reading. 

Patrick Delafield 

*…especially 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5. The very soul of Steve leaps at you from every page!

I see exactly what Pat means. Sleep occurred rapidly before Steve leapt at me. A miracle!

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