Time for Idleness

7 November 2018

Dear HTBS Readers,

Including today’s post, HTBS has posted 321 articles during 2018. Since 1 March, we have posted at least an article per day. Between January and October, HTBS has had 63,979 visitors and was viewed 162,061 times.

These numbers prove that we are doing something right and that there is an interest in what we are writing. Thank you all for that!

However, November, December, January and February are slow months when it comes to rowing – and maybe reading about the sport. This means that we are also slowing down. From now on, there will not be an article published every day.

But don’t give up on us. To be on the safe side and to make sure that you don’t miss an article, please sign up to get a notification per e-mail each time we post a new article. Please put in your e-mail address in the little box down on the right. And, of course, it’s FREE!

Göran R Buckhorn,
editor, HTBS


  1. Dear Goran,

    Thank you so much for all the postings from HTBS and please than the other contributors, especially Tim and Philip. When they arrive in my inbox they brighten my day. (That and my cloud-a-day from the cloud appreciation society!) They cover such a wonderful range of rowing-associated areas and I am always forwarding them to rowing friends around the world.

    With warmest wishes for Thanksgiving and a relaxing Christmas when it comes – not to mention St Lucia.  Jane

  2. Please continue to send your posts.I like to think I played a contributing role in Tim Kochs’ rowing career.Jim King

  3. Enjoy your well earned ‘rest’, Bisto. Articles always interesting and informative and , figuratively speaking,I forever take my hat off to you.

  4. Dear All Commentators – thank you for your lovely words, they are much appreciated. However, while it might have sounded as if I and the other HTBS contributors are getting ready to go into hibernation for the winter months, this is not the case. Personally, I’m working on a review for the eminent web sports journal at the Department of Sport Sciences, Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden (yes, Kjell, you will get the piece in time) and I’m also working on proof reading parts of a new book that HTBS will be publishing next year (fingers crossed). So, rest? Maybe during the days between Christmas and New Year’s – but just maybe…

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