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Thomi Keller (right) in a double sculls with Australian Stuart MacKenzie, 1959. From “Thomi Keller: A Life in Sport”.

13 October 2018

Earlier in April, Chris Dodd wrote on HTBS about David Owen’s book Thomi Keller: A Life in Sport (2018) on the legendary FISA president Thomas ‘Thomi’ Keller. In his article “Thomi, Rowing’s Gnome of Zürich”, Chris gave an insider’s look of the dynamic Keller, whom Chris knew personally after having worked with media within FISA.

The other day, HTBS editor Göran R Buckhorn published a review of Owen’s book on, a web journal edited by the eminent Kjell Eriksson at the Department of Sport Sciences, Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden. The journal publishes articles and reviews in the Nordic languages and in English. On website it says that it’s a

non-refereed, open access sport studies web journal, publishing scientific and popular science articles on sport studies and sport science research, primarily within social science and the humanities. The journal also publishes book reviews of Nordic and international literature in a wider sense associated with sport studies and sport science research. Emphasis is placed on the mutual interaction between sport and society.

Read more about here, where you also can subscribe to’s newsletter, which is free.

Read Göran’s review on David Owen’s Thomi Keller: A Life in Sport here.


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