Welcome Back – RowingHistory!

12 October 2018

By Göran R Buckhorn

In the beginning there was RowingHistory.net!

The website was the labour and love of rowing historian Bill Miller in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Other rowing historians, like Tom Weil, added ideas and articles to the site but mostly it was the work of Bill Miller, who is a 1972 rowing Olympian.

Bill Miller

After having let the web site lie fallow for a couple of years, Bill has worked behind the scenes to update and improve RowingHistory.net. The revised web site is now live and has a new format and features. Tom Weil’s ‘Time Line’ has more images, the ‘The U.S. Team’ listing has two formats, by year and by name, and both are now searchable and the Henley Royal Regatta Finals 1839-2000 file is also searchable. Bill writes that ‘a few items have been added to Resources that may be of interest. More items will be added as time allows.’

Furthermore, Bill mentions that the site is ‘a static site and designed to provide historical information/resources to viewers. It is hoped to be complementary to the excellent Hear The Boat Sing blog that actively collects and archives interesting information.’ (Thank you, Bill!)

Bill writes that he welcomes feedback, ideas, input, corrections and suggestions – contact him at bmiller – at – rowinghistory – dot – net

Now, quickly, go immediately to RowingHistory.net here to enjoy.

You will always find a link to Bill’s site on HTBS. Take a look on the right under ‘Good Rowing Links’ at ‘Friends of Rowing History’.

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