The World is Waiting for you Rowers

Why not take a rowing trip in Ireland?

26 April 2018

One of our website’s friends, Ruth Marr, founder and president of the travelling website for rowers, Rowing The World, contacted HTBS to share some exciting news that we would like our readers to know. Ruth writes:

This is the perfect time to launch a next big initiative of inspiring travel for rowers.

Australia is a big country and an iconic tourism destination. Many of you have told us that you want to travel and row there. So do we! With so many choices, how can we possibly select one place to run a rowing trip? The answer is simple – we won’t. Over the course of four or more weeks in February and March 2019, Rowing The World will visit Australia, offering a diversity of rowing travel experiences. But first we need your help. We are asking Australians and international rowers alike to contribute to our decisions about where we should go. Let’s get started imagining and planning. Read details about the Great Australian Rowing Adventure, or go directly to our short survey. We look forward to your input!

Some updates:
We are very excited about our upcoming trips. Many of our spring trips are sold out, but we still have room on our Galway & Lough Corrib weekend in Ireland and our Prince Edward Island (PEI) adventure in Canada. Have you seen the new video of the Galway trip, starring your guide, Jen?

Someone asked us what PEI is like. We found a terrific video from Tourism PEI which showcases ‘red sandstone cliffs, white sandy beaches and pristine blue waters as far as the eye can see’. They don’t even mention lobster suppers, which we are really looking forward to. Speaking of food, we are happy to announce that we have a winner for our Taste of PEI Rowing Contest. Congratulation to Joe Stehle of Steel City Rowing Club in Pittsburgh, PA!

Both of these trips qualify for our 5-4-5 special offer, as does our Lot River weekend in the south of France in September. Five rowers from one club on the same trip get 5% off. Seems like a great excuse for a crew or club excursion.

Other rowing:
We love coastal rowing! Have you thought about participating in the World Rowing Coastal Championships in Victoria BC on 11-14 October 2018? Perhaps you are not sure what this ‘mountain biking of rowing’ really is? Our blog post tells you exactly how different coastal rowing is, with some technique tips for when the waves get big.

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