FISA Re-Brand: ‘It’s in our nature’

Photo: FISA.

27 April 2018

Two days ago, Worldrowing, FISA, launched ‘It’s in our nature’.

Worldrowing, FISA, just launched a new brand platform to describe who the rowers are – ‘It’s in our nature’.

‘It’s a celebration of the dedication, commitment and mental strength that distinguishes rowers from other athletes,’ Matt Smith, the FISA’s Executive Director, said in a statement, according to the Worldrowing website. ‘It is also an articulation of the unique connection between the sport of rowing and its athletes with nature; and it reinforces World Rowing’s market-leading commitment to positive environmental impact through its Clean Water Programme and partnership with the WWF.’

Smith continued: ‘“It’s in our nature” will become a central theme for World Rowing’s marketing activity and, to mark the launch, we have released a video to introduce the new brand platform.

‘“It’s in our nature” has been developed in partnership with Octagon, the leading global creative marketing agency which specialises in sport and culture, as part of a wider World Rowing commercial review.’

‘We’re enormously proud of this work for World Rowing. The extreme dedication and mental resilience shown by the rowing community has always been something that’s astonished me. It’s been a challenge and a real privilege articulating what makes this sport and its athletes unique from all others,’ said Henry Nash, Planning Director at Octagon.

Below is the video Smith mentioned.

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