Bronze Sculling Figure

5 January 2018

Göran R Buckhorn writes:

Yesterday, HTBS wrote about a wooden 40″ long model of a single scull owned by Kai Stürmann. He was hoping that HTBS readers would be able to help him figure out who might have built the model. Today, Kai is back with another question to the readers of HTBS.

Many years ago, Kai’s parents gave him a small bronze sculling figure, which they had found at an estate sale. Kai writes, ‘It was somewhat damaged when received – ie one rigger and oar handle were missing. I separated the figure from the painted (!) marble base hoping to find some identifying markings on the bottom but no – nothing of the sort.’

Kai writes that the figure reminded him of the John Kelly statue in Philadelphia, but on closer inspection, there are some differences, as Kelly is wearing a singlet/tank top, while Kai’s sculler is wearing a t-shirt. 

‘I consider this a rather fine piece of art,’ Kai writes. ‘I will fabricate the missing rigger and oar and then mount it on a nice piece of mahogany.  I’d be curious if there are any others like this or whether you’re aware of any artists that did this kind of work?’

So time again for you HTBS detectives to ‘sherlock’ around to yet again solve a case from a reader.

Please, make a comment or write HTBS an e-mail, at gbuckhorn – at – gmail – dot – com.

One comment

  1. I have the same piece and am curious about it also. The rigger is different on mine and it is missing an oar. Have you found out any info on it?

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