Single Scull Model

4 January 2018

Göran R Buckhorn writes:

HTBS readers might remember Kai Stürmann, who is the owner of a beautiful, restored training single scull, Determination, which was built by the renowned boat builder Joseph A. Garofalo, who ran Worcester Oar and Paddle Company, and whom HTBS wrote about in October (yes, Kai is also the owner of the beautiful 1967 Volvo Duett). 

Kai contacted HTBS the other day with some questions about a single scull model, which was given to him by a friend. Kai writes that it’s a ‘very fine model of a single racing shell, made from wood, and put together quite like a full-size shell. It is exactly 40″ long, so, I imagine, approximately 1:8 scale. It does not have any riggers (maybe they were lost) but it does have a slide that actually moves back and forth!’

Kai knows essentially nothing of its origin. ‘Is it possible that it was made by an actual builder (eg Pocock or King)? Any leads or suggestions where I might go for further information is sincerely appreciated,’ Kai writes. He also forwards some photographs of the model.

Now, HTBS turns to the detectives among our readers to see if any of you can solve this ‘case’?

Please, make a comment or write HTBS an e-mail, at gbuckhorn – at – gmail – dot – com.

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