2016 Golden Oars Awards

Photo: USRowing.
Photo: USRowing.

20 November 2016

Last Thursday, USRowing’s 6th Annual Golden Oars Awards Dinner was held at the New York Athletic Club in New York City. The 2016 Awards of Excellence were presented to the following individuals for their service to the sport of rowing in America.

USRowing Medal went to Kris Korzeniowski; Male Athlete of the Year to Blake Haxton; Female Athlete of the Year to Gevvie Stone; Jack Franklin Service Award to Joan Sholl; Jack Kelly Award to Bill Jurgens; Anita De Frantz Award to Juliana LoBiondo; and Isabel Bohn Award to Mark McAndrew.

At this event, the 2016 Fan’s Choice Awards are also presented in seven categories. Voted on by their fellow athletes, friends and colleagues in the rowing community, the following individuals received these special awards – Junior Athlete of the Year: Grace McGinley (Saugatuck Rowing Club); Collegiate Athlete of the Year: William Solberg (Columbia University); Masters Athlete of the Year: Hugh Gallagher (Philadelphia Adaptive); National Team Athlete of the Year: Dani Hansen (Community Rowing, Inc.); Junior Coach of the Year: Yunian Cabrera (Belen Jesuit); Collegiate Coach of the Year: Nich Lee Parker (Columbia University); and Masters Coach of the Year: Gabriele Cipollone (Vesper Boat Club).

Read more about this event on USRowing’s website, here.

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