Handsome Dan is Happy!

Well Rowed Yale: Handsome Dan puts on his happy face.
Well Rowed Yale: Handsome Dan puts on his happy face.*

Today’s Boat Races between Harvard and Yale resulted in two victories for Yale and one victory for Harvard. The Crimson came out on top at the first raced of the day, the 2-mile Third/Freshman Varsity Race. This was Harvard’s ninth consecutive win in these series. Crimson now has 72 victories and the Bulldogs have 39, with one race ending up a dead heat.

In the second race of the day, the Second/Junior Varsity Yale easily got a boat length early on in the race, which Elis keep for the whole 3-mile distance. Last time Yale won was in 2007. Totally Harvard has 75 victories, against Yale’s 38.

Yale got an early lead in the 4-mile (First) Varsity Race as well, and the Bulldogs won very convincingly. Last time Yale won the Varsity Race was in 2007. Series Record: Harvard 95, Yale 55. This was the first time Yale Coach Steve Gladstone, now in his fifth season at Yale, could add a victory against Harvard in the Yale-Harvard Race.

More race report to follow.

*Picture caption: Tim Koch.

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