Sad Days…

Rowing trophies and pots waiting to be packed and stored away. A sad day for rowing historians….

Göran R Buckhorn writes:

As HTBS has announced earlier, the National Rowing Foundation’s National Rowing Hall of Fame at Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut, has now closed its doors. The G.W. Blunt White Building, where ‘the Hall’ was located, will soon be demolished to leave room to a larger building that will form the museum’s new main entrance.

Rowing historians Bill Miller and Tom Weil, together with some volunteers, including yours truly, have been in the ‘Blunt White’ for the last couple of weeks to go through the ‘stuff’ and sort out what is going to be donated to Mystic Seaport’s library (it’s mostly going to be printed material: rowing books, programmes, magazines, brochures, etc), what is going back to its owners (that is stuff that has been on loan) and what is going to go into storage; a smaller amount of the stuff will probably be tossed out – the latter, really hurts an old collector like me. Mrs. B. has promised to look away, when I bring stuff home that was in the ‘toss pile’; if I understand it right, this is a well-known American DADT policy: don’t ask, don’t tell, which in the Buckhorn family now goes under DTDS, don’t tell, don’t show….

Some old oars and a bow that has belonged to an American Olympic boat, soon to be stored away.

It is not yet determined where the new location for ‘the Hall’ will be or when it will open again to the public.

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