New Exhibit at RRM

New exhibit at RRM: Home Front Henley. Photo: RRM.

What was the impact of the First World War on the people of Henley-on-Thames? A new exhibition at the River & Rowing Museum (RRM) presents stories of the local men who left to fight in the War and the contribution the town made to support the soldiers at home.

RRM writes on its website: ‘Co-curated with local historian Mike Willoughby the exhibition will include the results of his research into the many men from Henley who lost their lives. It will show how the town was involved with the war effort as a Red Cross hospital was set up, troops were billeted there for training and local land was turned over to agriculture. It will also look at the impact of the ‘first total modern war’ on the lives of ordinary residents. How badly were they effected by rationing? What happened to the men who could not, or would not fight? How did the war change the lives of women?’

The exhibit, held in the Treasures Gallery, will stay open until 5 January, 2015. For more information go to RRM website.

See also “Two New Rowing Blogs”.

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