The Second Day of Henley 2013: Waterborne On The 4th July

The view from Henley Bridge on Thursday morning – things are busy.

Tim Koch reports from Henley,

Thursday, 4th July saw six events stage their first round, five move into their second and one, the Prince Albert, go into its quarter finals. The results from all the races are here.

Rachel Quarrell reports on Thursday’s racing in the Daily Telegraph, here.

There are lots of (non-rowing) pictures and downmarket coverage in the tabloid Daily Mail, here.

As we move into Friday both the weather and the rowing action threatens to heat up.

(Click on the pictures to enlarge them!)

A sculpture of Tamesis on the central keystone of Henley Bridge looks down the regatta course. As he has been in place since 1786, he has seen every Henley Regatta.

The Telegraph seems to be the last British daily that is committed to covering rowing properly.

Umpire Richard Phelps. A Henley winner, an Olympian and a Blue, he is part of the ‘Phelps Dynasty’, the tenth generation of his family to pull an oar to great effect.

Umpire Sir Matthew Pinsent. He used to row a bit.

Alan Campbell, Britain’s best male heavy weight sculler in many years, in practice for the Diamonds.

The University of Virginia celebrates the 4th July in an understated way.

Harvard marks Independence Day by beating another country that has rid itself of British rule. University College, Dublin lose in the Visitors’ by 2 lengths.

Tideway Scullers School (not a school) have a final briefing before their next round in the Thames Cup.

Tideway Scullers School. They beat Cantabrigian by 1 3/4 lengths.

Tigre Boat Club, Argentina, beat Newark Rowing Club by 3/4 of a length in the Fawley Challenge Cup.

Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup – Ra Ra Radley beat St Paul’s by 1 length.

Marlow A beating Westminster School B in the Fawley Challenge Cup. They won by 4 lengths.

Thames Challenge Cup – Molesey beat Thames B by 1 2/3 lengths.

© Photographs Tim Koch  

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