Henley 2013: The First Day In Pictures

Very little escapes the gaze of HRR’s Chairman of the Committee of Management, Mike Sweeney.

Tim Koch writes from Henley,

Wednesday, 3 July saw first round races in the Thames (M8+) and Wyfolds (M4-) in men’s club events, in the Temple (M8+) and Prince Albert (M4-) in men’s student events and in the Princess Elizabeth (JM8+) and Fawley (JM4x) in junior men’s events. The results are here.

Thursday, 4 July will see six more events having their first round. Wherever you are you can listen to stroke by stroke commentary (and much more) on Regatta Radio. This is a pop up radio station for Henley Royal Regatta broadcasting for ten days from the qualifying races and the draw through to the prize giving. Starting eight years ago with a man up a tree holding a mobile telephone, it now broadcasts on 87.7FM within an eight-mile radius. It can be picked up on the Regatta Radio ear-piece receivers (which are allowed in the Stewards’ Enclosure), on a live internet stream on the website and on smart phones via iPhone and Android apps. Pick your preferred method, pour yourself a Pimm’s and pretend that you are there (no jeans or short skirts please).

(Click on the pictures to enlarge!)

The winners of the first race of HRR 2013 – London RC beat Thames Tradesman’s RC in the Thames Cup.

The figure of a Victorian oarsman surmounts the Temple Challenge Cup trophy.

A panoramic view of the Stewards’ Enclosure.

A panoramic view from the boat tent area to the boathouses opposite.

In and out at the boat tent rafts.

Tyrian cross the line in front of RHKYC.

Oratory School passes the ‘progress board’ and the photographer’s platform in a heat of the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup.

The Leander flag at half-mast in memory of Harry Parker.

Newcastle University trail Nereus from Holland in the Temple Challenge Cup.

Trinity College Dublin beat the University of Virginia by 3/4 of a length in a heat of the Prince Albert Challenge Cup. UV led for much of the way.

Polite applause from the Stewards’ Enclosure greets a splendid win by Oxford Brooks University over Grand Valley State University, USA, in the Temple. GVSU led for much of the way.

Umpire Boris Rankov shows the white flag to signal the end of a clean race.

The wildlife seem uninterested in the heat between Durham University and the University of London in the Prince Albert Challenge Cup.

Monmouth School show grit in their heat of the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup.

© Photographs Tim Koch  


  1. I left my programme in the Regatta enclosure restaurant by mistake and walked to the start of the course. Nowhere by the course to buy another one, even at the start. This is very odd and not satisfactory.

  2. Clive,

    With respect, I would not criticise an immaculately organised event because I was forgetful. Almost everyone has to pass at least four programme sellers on the way to the start, this should be enough. Further, with the exception of Temple Island, Henley Royal Regatta does not own any of the land beyond the Regatta Enclosure. Here the owners prefer to sell pizzas, not programmes.


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