Crimson was unstoppable at the 148th Harvard-Yale Regatta

This morning everyone by the Thames River enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. There was almost no wind and the water was flat. No crew can complain about the weather conditions, although all the three Yale crews probably felt ‘uncomfortable’ in the Harvard boats’ wake. Not during any time in the Freshman’s (also called Third Varsity Race) 2-mile race, Second Varsity’s 3-mile race and Varsity’s 4-mile race were the Yale crews in the lead, giving the Crimson the seventh clean sweep in a row. Last time Yale won was in 2007 when the Bulldogs upset Harvard in the Varsity race; today, however, they did not have a ghost of a show. This being said, at least Yale’s Second Varsity crew was not embarrassingly far behind…

We can only wonder what Steve Gladstone, now doing his third season as the Head Coach for Yale, is going to come up with to be able turn the tide. During his illness, Harvard’s legendary coach, Harry Parker, who is in his fifty-first (yes, a 5 followed by a 1 – 51!) season, has had tremendous help from the associate Head Coach Bill Manning. When Parker showed up on the dock at Harvard’s Boathouse Red Top after his victorious crew had landed at the dock, he was greeted by cheers and applause by his oarsmen and by the gathered spectators and Crimson fans.

On the far right, Harry Parker (in cap) and Bill Manning.

More about the races tomorrow, Monday, 10 June.

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