Cambridge Wins The Retro Boat Race

The Cambridge Crew

HTBS’s Tim Koch reports from London,

After the Oxford clean sweep at the Henley Boat Races last week, Light Blue pride was salvaged a little in the 18th Oxford – Cambridge Veterans’ Boat Race held on Saturday, 30 March. Cambridge won by four lengths on the ‘short’ course, Putney to Hammersmith. A full race report is here. The crew list was published a few days earlier but I spotted at least one change with Jonny Searle replacing Ben Kent in the Oxford boat.

The Oxford Crew

This event is the most informal of all the Oxford – Cambridge clashes with very little pre-race training and a lot of reliance on ‘residual fitness’. Perhaps Cambridge has taken the event a little more seriously than Oxford in recent years, something reflected in past results with the Tabs leading the series twelve wins to six.

Cambridge has a clear lead over Oxford as the 18th Veterans’ (Masters’) Race approaches Hammersmith Bridge.

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