Hélène Rémond: In and Around Putney

As soon as you reach Putney Bridge, you spot the banner: Which blue are you?

HTBS’s Hélène Rémond is also in London for The Boat Race. She walked around at Putney Bridge and Putney Embankment and took some photographs. She writes: ‘I took a few pictures that show how The Boat Race gets the attention of the passers-by in the streets, and how pubs and shops have taken the initiatives to make everyone enjoy this event’.

Pub in Putney for The Boat Race.

Happy Hour for the Boat Race.

Duke’s Bar

Artists’ exhibition

Many members of the media, like Martin Gough, had to face the cold weather on the launches out on the river.

Late in the afternoon this Saturday, we witnessed a spring flood. As Clare Balding from the BBC wrote on her Twitter account: ‘The river [was] full to bursting in Putney. I’ve never seen it like this at #BoatRace time’.

Spring Flood at Putney

Putney Bridge – white and black

I met Rowan Lawson and his parents this afternoon. Rowan is a Goldie. This will be his second participation. ‘He started rowing at school at the age of 13’, says his mother. Of course, both parents are quite proud: ‘It’s awesome. It’s so much hard work and dedication. Rowers taking part in the Boat Race have to be so organized to get everything done: training and studying.’

An unusual image of a rower: Rowan, Goldie’s stroke, preparing the handle of his oar.

Rowan and his parents.

Row your boat not so gently…

Photography: Hélène Rémond

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