More Rowing in T&C

On 10 September, 2012, HTBS wrote a piece about a short article on the Henley Royal Regatta published in the American monthly magazine Town & Country.

Flipping through some magazines at the newsstand yesterday – it’s a habit I have acquired since I was appointed the editor of a museum magazine  – I found another ‘rowing article’ in the T&C. This time it’s about last October’s Head of the Charles in Boston, MA. The writer of the article is T&C’s senior editor, Georgina Schaeffer. I don’t know if Ms. Schaeffer has ever hold an oar, but I think not, as she is not using the word ‘crew’ for ‘row’, or ‘crewing’ for ‘rowing’, which otherwise is an American custom, which, I would like to add, is little understood by us non-Americans.

Not only does T&C help spread the word about the Head of the Charles in this February issue of the magazine, in a feature article about the 50 top bachelors around the world, I found the famous two rowing twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss among them. Under the brothers ‘Likes’ the magazine writes: ‘Rowing; tech startups; stroking each other’s egos on Twitter; Brazilian models; suing people.’

So now you are warned, all you Brazilian models and you who plan to steal a social media network from them! Of course, I also wonder if there is a small typo in the text about them: ‘ergos’ is spelt with an ‘r’, not ‘egos’…

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