HRR in T&C

Now and then, HTBS stumbles across a piece about rowing in a ‘non-rowing’ magazine, and, of course, we would like to share our find with you readers (despite that it might be a terribly poor written article, which we then tell you…). This time, it’s a small, well-written 115-word piece in the September Town & Country, America’s oldest magazine. For those of you who is not familiar with this publication, it’s something like the British the Tatler.

In the Town & Country section called ‘Social Network’, the magazine writes about ‘The Trio of Events’ comprising the English social season (Ascot, Henley, and Wimbledon)…’ It’s clear that the writer of the article, Gillian Hearst Simonds, T&C’s society editor (and yes, of the family who owns the magazine and 15 daily, 38 weekly newspapers and more than 300 magazines around the world), has talked to a rowing-knowledgeable person before writing the little piece. And, no, it was not HTBS this time…

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