Hélène Rémond: What A Historic Race!

Winners of the 158th Boat Race – Cambridge. Photographs & copyright: Hélène Rémond)

HTBS’s Hélène Rémond writes from the finish line of today’s remarkable race between Oxford and Cambridge, ‘That it was a memorable race. The most dramatic in the Boat Race’s history, according to many people’. Hélène continues to write,

Before joining the Mortlake Anglian & Alpha Boat Club for the finish, I spent a few hours in Putney where I met Cambridge spare pair Sam Troughton and Danny Longman, respectively stroke and bow.

After they had been interviewed by ESPN Brazil, they told me that it was their first year taking part in the Boat Race preparation. They have made progress this year, though it is frustrating not to be part of it, they said. The duo hope to be able to take part in the Boat Race next year.

By now everyone knows what happened during the race: a stupid swimmer with a political issue* stopped the race. After the restart, the blades clashed and Oxford lost a blade – and that was the end of it for the Dark Blues.

Alex Woods, the bow man in Oxford’s boat, collapsed at the finish line and had to have medical attention before he was taken to Charing Cross Hospital. He is now in a stable condition and will be OK. Due to what happened to Woods, it was decided there would not be a prize ceremony or speech by Mayor Boris Johnson, nor a presentation of the crews.

Sir Matthew Pinsent’s face reveals the atmosphere. Pinsent said it was a fantastic race, an exciting afternoon, ‘but not a normal race and it’s a shame’.

The Cambridge rowers came to the press office and Steve Dudek talked to Martin Gough, who was working with Live Text on the Boat Race website.

Alex Davidson was overwhelmed by emotions at the finish.

Zoe and stroke Roel are comforting each other.

*HTBS editor has decided to not mention the swimmer’s name, nor his political agenda to not further give him the media attention he seeks.

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