Cambridge Wins 158th Boat Race

Cambridge wins the 158th Boat Race after the race had to be stopped because an idiot of a swimmer was in the water, nearly getting his head cut off by some Oxford blades. Shortly after the re-start, oar blades clashed between the crews, leading to a broken Oxford oar. Umpire John Garrett had just warned the Dark Blues, so he did not stop the race, letting Oxford row with only seven oarsmen. Comfortable lead for Cambridge, allows them to cross the finish line well ahead of Oxford. The Dark Blues bowman, Alex Woods, collapses in the boat at the finish line, and has to be taken aboard a launch to receive immediate medical attention, then rushed to Charing Cross Hospital.

See the BBC video here.

More news to follow. Read more:

(I suggest that the broken oar be used to put the swimmer’s head on outside OUBC Boathouse!)

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