Thames Blade On Ebay

A couple of nice commemorative oar blades were posted on British eBay earlier today: St. Peter’s Hall, Oxford, and Thames Rowing Club. The St. Peter’s blade is from 1949, and the Thames R.C.’s blade is from 1951 from a victory in the Stewards’ Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta. The Thames crew was J.P. Dizer (bow); A.J.R. Purssell; H.W. Rushmere; and P.C. Kirkpatrick (stroke). In the final the Thames beat a crew from Leander Club with 1 ½ length, at 7 min. 53 sec.

Starting bid is £49.95, and the action ends on 31 August. I think the blades look quite lovely. Although, the blades look to be in outstanding condition, I will pass this time.

Please observe that there is a misprint in the seller’s description, the Thames blade is said to be from 1952 (when actually Thames R.C. also won the Stewards’, but not with the same crew), but it’s from 1951.

To see the posting, please click here. And happy bidding as they say…

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