Roll Those Reels…

HTBS has often use newsreels from British Pathé, which actually was founded as Société Pathé Frères in Paris in the 1890s, to show old crews of Oxford and Cambridge practicing or racing, and when the professional scullers were battling for a championship, and sometimes an oddity like girls rowing on a roof top or London RC doing their ‘jazz rowing’. Whether you are a rower or not, British Pathé’s treasure trove has something for everyone.

Right now BBC Four is showing a documentary series about the company, The Story of British Pathé. The first programme was shown on 18 August, “The Birth of the News”, and three more programmes are to follow. Read more about the series here. (Unfortunately, the iPlayer do not allow viewer outside Britain – or maybe outside of Europe – to watch). To read The Daily Telegraph’s review of the first programme, please click here.

Of course, now I have to show a couple of newsreels. I have picked two which show the same rowing ‘oddity’ (but it is still rowing!), gondolas, which has two ‘celebrety’ gondolier, Ernest Barry (in 1921) and Humphrey Bogart (in 1951)!




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