On Rudie Lehmann’s Daughter Rosamond

The other day, a lady thank me in an e-mail for giving her some information about the connection between Rudie Lehmann and his daughter Rosamond Lehmann. The lady had read HTBS on 4 June about the Lehmann family, and although she is interested in rowing and know who Rudie was and likes Rosamond Lehmann’s novels, the connection was not clear until she read it on HTBS.

Now, this is what we would like to hear, because not only is it HTBS mission to entertain, if we can throw in a little education in the mix, we are all for that! To educate myself, I actually ordered Selina Hasting’s biography Rosamond Lehmann (2002) three weeks ago. I have not managed to start reading it, but I have flipped through the book and read some pages here and there and discovered that there is some stuff about Rosamond’s father, Rudie (and her mother, Alice, too). And to everyone who would like to balance what John Lehmann writes in his autobiography, The Whispering Gallery (see link above) about his father, can now see what one of his sister’s thought about their upbringing; well, interpreted by Selina Hastings, that is.

And be aware, in Rosamond Lehmann, Hastings sometimes is very gossipy…

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