You Are Going To Wear That For HRR?

While these lovely ladies would not have a problem being let in at the Stewards’ Enclosure (I believe the length of their dresses is correct), I would recommend smaller hats. The poor chaps sitting behind these ladies will not be able to see the races on the river. Photo: Hélène Rémond.

Four weeks from now, the Henley Royal Regatta will begin, on 29 June. At several occasion HTBS has had entries about how important it is to be dressed the right way to have access to the ‘inner circle’, the Stewards’ Enclosure. The non-active website The World of Rabbit gives entertaining accounts of the dress code for those who would like to ‘dress right’ – click here to read it. The Daily Telegraph have had pieces how to dress the traditional way at different social summer events, including the Henley Royal. Click here to read one of those articles. Also certain ‘fashion blogs’ will give you advice, like for example Girl Meets Dress (just so you know, I had to google that one, as it’s not one of my usual reads).

If you think that just because they let you in at the Royal Ascot in a particular dress, that you would have access to the Stewards’ Enclosure in the same dress, think again, ladies!

Absolutely NOT!

Of course, also men can feel lost of what to wear at Henley, but stick to The World of Rabbit otherwise, you will end up with a blog like the famous Jeremy Hackett – The Mr Classic Blog. Hackett claims in this entry that the Henley Royal is one of his favourite summer events to attend, “there are few [social events that I] enjoy more than the Henley Royal Regatta”, but he fails to show a properly dressed gentlemen in a photograph that would be let in at the Stewards’ Enclosure. Good example on the right how to dress wrong.

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  1. Haha seems like a cool website, won't blame you for looking at it and reading their blog 😉

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