Rowing Photographs Of Eton Boys

Knowing my interests for magazines, HTBS’s Hélène Rémond sent me an e-mail about a new French magazine, 6 Mois, which is such a rare thing as a new photo magazine. Hélène writes,

A new photo magazine called 6 Mois (‘6 Months’) has been launched in France by publisher Les Arènes. It focuses on current news’ photography. It is a 350-page, 880-photo magazine printed on quality paper – and with no advertising! It is listed as a book and cost 25€. In the first issue, there is a report by Christopher Furlong, who spent a few weeks at Eton College, home of ‘the English elite’. Whereas the school boys have a reputation of being pretentious and arrogant, it is not the case, he says. Furlong was surprised by their enthusiasm. Some of the photos have been shot during the celebration of the birthday of King George III (1738-1820), Eton’s greatest patron, on June 4th. A previous post on HTBS (11 May, 2010) explains well the history of this celebration!

Thank you, Hélène, and good luck to 6 Mois!

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