A Swedish Henley Regatta?

On 17 May, I had an entry about the first Gant Rowing Race which was going to be held on 22 May on Djurgårdsbrunnsviken in Stockholm. The race, which was actually six races, between Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket (SSHL) and Lundsbergs skola seems to have been a great success. Under sunny skies, SSHL won the men’s single and double, and the women’s single and double, while Lundsberg handled the bigger boats better, with two victories in the men’s coxed four and the women’s coxed four.

I have just watched the ‘race video’, which is posted on the clothing company’s web site, and one can clearly see that it was a well-attended event, almost a little like Henley, when it comes to the well-dressed gents and toffs, the ladies’ hats, the drinks (however, no Pimm’s!), but without the same rowing standard of the crews. In this case, the latter really does not matter, as long as the crews and the spectators were having fun.
Of course, this being the Gant Rowing Race, the race video is more of a commercial for the company’s cloths than an actual race video.

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