A New Boat Race

Back in January, Tim Koch sent me an e-mail about a new boat race on the Thames, the Parliamentary Boat Race. However, as it is a race held in June I thought I would wait to post an entry about it. Well, we are in June now, but despite my search on the web, I am not able to find any information about this years’ race. But here is what Tim wrote in January:

“Our great sport is full of tradition. One of the ‘newer traditions’ is the Parliamentary Boat Race, an event revived in 2007. It has grown rapidly as a result of the work of the All Party Parliamentary Rowing Group, the organisation by Alan Foster of London Rowing Club and generous sponsorship from Siemens. It now consists of a Lords [in red] v Commons [in green] Race and three invitation events. The 2009 PBR, held on 23rd June, had a men’s race with crews from London RC and Imperial College BC, a women’s race with crews from Vesta RC and Auriol Kensington RC and a junior race with crews from London Youth Rowing. The course is from Vauxhall Bridge to the Lords Terrace at the Palace of Westminster (The Houses of Parliament).”

The photographs above are from the British Rowing web site. My warmest thanks to Tim!


  1. I wonder if the race is on this year. There was such an enormous turnover of MPs last month I would be very surprised if they could get a crew together in time.

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