All The Single Ladies (and Gentlemen)

The Scullers Head of the River Race for single sculls organised by Vesta Rowing Club took place on Saturday, 17 September.

22 September 2022

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch is on Hammersmith Bridge with his camera – again.

The Vesta Scullers Head is the largest single-division processional single sculls race in the UK and, allegedly, the world. First held in 1954 and open to everyone from novices to internationals, this year’s race saw 459 scullers start (and 452 finish) the 4.25-mile Championship Course, Mortlake to Putney. 

For the second year, the race was held in mid-September rather than the previous November/December time and the change brought the hopes for result of warm, calm weather. The results are online.

Former lightweight Rui Xu of London Rowing Club was the fastest man, starting in 4th place and finishing in a time of 20.52.11. After 6,800 metres there was 1.13 seconds between the first three. Rory Harris of Leander started 20th and finished second in 20.52.41 and Seb Devereux, also of Leander, started 54th and finished third in 20.53.24. 
The fastest woman was Katie Mole of the University of Birmingham Boat Club (pictured here just before the 2021 Women’s Wingfields) whose time was 23.05.78.
Passing Harrods with over 60% of the race gone.
An illustration of the benign sculling conditions. 
Boyer of Kingston, second in Lwt 1x (Senior).
Passing the Crabtree.
Looking down from Hammersmith Bridge.
Griffin of Bentham Boat Club who finished 14th in W. Lwt 1x (Senior).
Approaching Hammersmith Bridge, Brown of Tideway Scullers who was second in Masters A.
In the distinctive shadows of Hammersmith Bridge, Zimmerman of Sudbury Rowing Club, second in Masters C.
Competitors in “Club” pass Hammersmith’s Dove Pier.
Cumner of Cantabrigian Rowing Club, 18th in Club.
Approaching Hammersmith Bridge.
The Championship Course after Hammersmith Bridge is long, lonely and seemingly never ending.
The finishers return having passed Barn Elms Rowing centre shown in the background.

One comment

  1. Great set of photos, Tim. Thanks for posting.
    I find it unbelievable that from a free start of a 4 1/4 mile race , any one can separate two scullers by .30th of a second !

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