10 July 2022

By Philip Kuepper

Now that I have captured your attention
with O.A.R.,
I must confess.  I have tricked you,
if you assumed they have to do
with rowing.  For they don’t,
well, not literally,
though I can interpret them,
and you can to,
as rowing us on the river
of verse.  “O” is for Oliver,
“A,” Auden, “R,” Rilke,
the three poets, so far,
I have written reviews of.
My aim, next, is to review
R.O.W.  No,
I won’t reveal who they are.
I will leave you guess at them.
Intrigue, I find, whets
appetite of the mind.
So, then, may I have made you
hungry to know.

(30 June 2022)

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