2022 Australian Rowing Championships Will Move

The 2022 Australian Rowing Championships on 28 March – 3 April will be held on Lake Nagambie.

17 March 2022

By Göran R Buckhorn

Rowing Australia (RA) has announced that the 2022 Australian Rowing Championships (ARC) will move to Lake Nagambie, Victoria. The dates for ARC will be the same as previously announced, 28 March – 3 April.

The reason for the move is that the Sydney International Regatta Centre (SIRC) is unable to host the ARC due to the recent floods, which have polluted the water at SIRC. On 13 March, RA published a statement about the contamination issues.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Rowing Victoria, the Shire of Strathbogie and the Nagambie Rowing Club for stepping up to host the 2022 ARC at short notice. Other venues were considered, and we are extremely grateful to those organisations who put up their hands and offered us a lifeline at this time,” Ian Robson, Rowing Australia CEO, said in a statement.

“Nagambie was ultimately selected because of a strong commitment and willingness expressed by Rowing Victoria, the Shire of Strathbogie, Nagambie Rowing Club and adjoining Local Government Authorities to contribute and make this event succeed. Crucial to the success of this event is our ability to recruit a local volunteer workforce and we have every confidence the community within Nagambie and the surrounding regions will answer our call for help.”

Ian Robson continued: “Our stakeholders have been extremely supportive as we work through the decision-making process. I’d particularly like to thank Destination NSW for its continued support of the ARC, and we hope to continue our strong partnership in the years to come as now look to bring the ARC back to Sydney in 2024.”

HTBS’s William O’Chee has previously reported on the severe flooding in the Brisbane area.

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