Highlights from the 2022 World Rowing Virtual Indoor Championships

2 March 2022

By Göran R Buckhorn

The 2022 World Rowing Virtual Indoor Championships were held all over the world on 25-26 February. Close to 800 athletes from 66 countries were competing on ergs in bedrooms, living rooms, garages, gardens, terraces, clubs, kitchens, studies, balconies, gyms – yes, everywhere where one could fit a rowing machine.

At first, these Indoor Championships were supposed to be held in Hamburg, Germany, as a hybrid model, but with COVID still raging in the world, it turned into a fully virtual event.

All the erg-rowers had qualified for these two-day events, so what you saw was the best of the best in each age category from Under-19 to Masters ages 95-99, open women, men, lightweights and para-rowers.

There were two distances, 500m sprint and 2,000m, and several world records were broken. Luckily for most of the competitors in the sprint races, there were no points deducted for poor style.

Commentating the races were Camilla Hadland and Martin Cross in Great Britain, and Shane Farmer and Aquil Abdullah in California.

Here is a quick video of the two days highlights:

Details and results from day one are here and from day two, here.

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