World Rowing Confirms Sporting Sanctions for Russia and Belarus

1 March 2022

Today, World Rowing published the following statement on their website:

World Rowing strongly condemns the Russian military invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing violation of the Olympic Truce. Our organisation stands in absolute solidarity with the Ukrainian people, including our friends at the Ukrainian rowing family, at this time of grave international crisis.

The World Rowing Executive Committee strongly supports the recommendations issued by the IOC on February 28. These include recognition that many Ukrainian athletes will be prevented from participating in international competitions as a result of the attack on their country. Accordingly, World Rowing confirms that it will not allow the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials in any of its international competitions, with immediate effect and until further notice.

World Rowing also clarifies that no events are scheduled to take place in Russia or Belarus in 2022.

World Rowing remains in regular contact with the Ukrainian Rowing Federation and would like to thank many of our Member Federations that have already offered to help those of the Ukrainian rowing team impacted by this situation. We call on the entire rowing community to join in support wherever may be required.

World Rowing will continue to monitor the situation closely and may further adapt its measures according to future developments.

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