Rowing Paintings on Display

Filmmaker and oarsman Mike Nicholson is opening an art exhibit on 2 December at the Meat Market Stables in North Melbourne. Among the displayed pieces are three rowing paintings.

2 December 2021

By Göran R Buckhorn

Between 2 and 12 December, Michael “Mike” Nicholson, Australian filmmaker and member of Melbourne University BC, will have an art exhibition at the Meat Market Stables in North Melbourne.

Michael “Mike” Nicholson, Australian filmmaker and member of Melbourne University BC, who was featured on HTBS on 20 May when we ran his film Australian Rowing Championships 2021, is a multi-talented man. Not only is he making “rowing” films, but he has also penned a book in 2015 about Melbourne University BC’s crew that rowed in Tokyo at the 1969 All Japan Rowing Championships.

Melbourne University Boat Club by Michael Nicholson.

When Mike Nicholson is not holding an oar or a pen, you can see him with a paint brush. Opening today is a group exhibit at Meat Market Stables, 2 Wreckyn Street, North Melbourne, 3051. The exhibit will run until 12 December. The doors are open 12-8 p.m. every day. The exhibition is free.

Training in choppy conditions by Michael Nicholson.

Mike, together with four other artists, including Mike’s daughter Melissa, will exhibit paintings, films, photos and ceramics in The North Melbourne MUSEUM OF MODERN ART. Mike’s art is, as a local newspaper described it, “mostly techni-coloured abstractions, made up of stylised forms, flat tones and pleasing textures”. Among Mike Nicholsons’s art are also three rowing paintings. Mike will also present a retrospective of his favorite films as a video installation at the show.

Bow calls to have the coxswain dropped by Michael Nicholson.

Mike and Melissa Nicholson and the other artists, Ami Taib, Gary Bateman and Wayne Bateman, are looking forward to finally open the exhibit after it has been postponed twice due to COVID-19.

Here are some photos from inside the art show:

Read more about the exhibit here and here. Mike Nicholson’s website will tell you more about his different projects.

Photography: Michael Nicholson ©

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