Ted A. Nash – Bigger than Life

Ted Nash, in 1972.

8 July 2021

By Bill Miller

Ted Nash, a legend in American rowing, has passed away, aged 88.

Bigger than life…that’s about the only way to describe Theodore Allison Nash. Whether he was holding an oar or a megaphone, Ted left a huge mark on rowing. Recently, Andy Anderson wrote a wonderful piece about Ted in the January 2021 Rowing News. In order to detail all of Ted’s accomplishments, there would be pages of great stories.

Simply said, for 50 years he was a driving force in American rowing.  He applied himself in so many places: Lake Washington RC, National Women’s Rowing Association, US Olympic Team, U. Penn, Penn AC and so many more too numerous to list.

The stories about Ted were also bigger than life, whether true or slightly embellished. It became difficult to ascertain real from imagined, but that was Ted. His overpowering presence drew everyone in, and it didn’t matter if facts were stretched (although most weren’t).

A quick summary: 1960 Olympic Gold and 1964 Olympic Bronze, 1963 Co-founded National Women’s Rowing Association, 1966 Freshman Coach at Penn – Sprints Champions, 1969 U. Penn Varsity Coach – IRA Champions, Penn Athletic Club Coach – numerous World and Olympic medalists.

Most importantly: Ted cared deeply about rowing and all rowers. He’d do anything for rowing and left a great legacy.

Please go here to read Ted’s detailed story.

Ted Nash born October 29, 1932, died July 3, 2021

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