Two for One

Fancy a striped boat to go with your striped rowing blazer or rugby shirt? For every single scull sold, WinTech Racing will donate a learn-to-row boat to a club with DEI initiatives. Photo: WinTech Racing.

22 May 2021

By Göran R Buckhorn

What do you get when you connect the largest manufacturer of rowing boats with a well-known fashion brand recognised for their rowing blazers? You get 250 free single sculls to a value of $1.4M, Göran R Buckhorn writes.

Boat manufacturer WinTech Racing has announced a partnership with the clothing brand and design lab Rowing Blazers to a create a limited-edition single racing shell.

Only 250 boats will be built and sold worldwide. For every shell sold, a boat will be donated to a rowing program focusing on so-called DEI initiatives – “diversity, equality and inclusion” in rowing.

“That’s up to 250 free boats to help grow our sport the right way,” WinTech Racing writes on their website. The boat manufacturer also remarks: “The sport of rowing has a diversity problem, but there are programmes around the globe that are working to change that. As the largest rowing shell manufacturer in the world, we want to do our best to help them.”

The boats being donated are the WinTech Explorer Learn-to-Row boats (Explorer 21 or 24 boats) to a pre-approved club or organisation.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be part of this project. We’ve designed a boat that not only looks cool, but which will also, in a small way, help to change lives and help to change the face of our sport,” Jack Carlson, owner of Rowing Blazers, writes on his Instagram account.

The limited-edition racing shell, designed by Klaus Filter, features WinTech’s industry leading full high-modulus unidirectional carbon construction and rigger. The shells have hand painted Rowing Blazers signature stripe on the deck, a custom interior and comes with Rowing Blazers oars, branded boat cover and Rowing Blazers Rugby.

“Recipients for the donated WinTech Explorer Learn-to-Row boats can be chosen at the time of purchase from a list of pre-approved rowing clubs, organisations and charities with strong diversity and inclusion initiatives,” WinTech states on its website. “As part of your purchase, you will be helping make rowing accessible to more people from all backgrounds.”

To view a list of the pre-approved club, please click here.

WinTech Racing’s donation of 250 boats is estimated to a value of $1.4M.

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