Like Water Under A Troubled Bridge?*

Oxford rows under Hammersmith Bridge on Boat Race Day, 2015. The current ban on rowing under the bridge currently cuts one of the most famous rowing stretches in the world in two.

29 April 2021

By Tim Koch

An Instagram post put out by the Port of London Authority this morning (of 29 April) is causing excitement among Tideway rowers – though it is not absolutely clear that the new permissions will apply to them. Very few river craft and no rowing boats have been allowed to pass under Hammersmith Bridge since 13 August 2020 when the Victorian structure was very suddenly declared to be in danger of imminent collapse. Vehicles have not been allowed on the bridge since April 2019, but at present not even pedestrians and cyclists can go over it and no boats can go under it without good reason and special permission.

* Apologies to Simon and Garfunkel.

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