Rowing Through COVID

Photo: “The Philadelphia Inquirer”

14 March 2021

By Philip Kuepper

They row masked,
as though pirates,
concealing their identity,
one mask bearing the design
of a laugh, another, rouged,
bee-stung lips, still another,
a zipper half-zipped?,
or unzipped?, young men,
in the flower of their humor,
being responsible in the face
of contagion, yet just defiant enough
to show
they aren’t about to be whipped.

(3 March 2021)

One comment

  1. Sacrilege most foul by The Philadelphia Inquirer by placing anorak on the statue of John Brendan Kelly. This needs to be remedied by having a pallet of bricks placed at the base of the statue and then being protected by rowers wearing T-shirts “Kelly for Brick Work.” And a temporary guard house being build out of sheet metal by workers wearing T-shirts saying “Knecht for Sheet Metal.” John B. “Kell” Kelly Jr. and William J. “Bill” Knecht were partners in the Double Sculls at the 1960 Roman Olympics.
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