“Carrying David” has been Cancelled

19 March 2020

By Göran R Buckhorn

“Carrying David” is down for a count but will rise again.

On 26 February, HTBS wrote about Hadaway Harry playwright Ed Waugh’s new play, Carrying David, about the boxer Glenn McCrory and his terminally ill brother, David. Carrying David was a huge success when it was played in the North East in England and in Northern Ireland.

In the beginning of April (3-5 April) Carrying David was going to be played at the Canal Café Theatre in London before transferring to Newcastle Theatre Royal (9 and 10 April). Sadly, all the performances in London and Newcastle have now been cancelled. This due to halting the spread of the Coronavirus.

‘Obviously, we are hugely disappointed not to be coming to London,’ Ed Waugh told HTBS. ‘It’s surreal what is happening. Hopefully we can reschedule the show when this crisis has abated.’

HTBS will of course keep our readers informed when there will be performances of Carrying David in London and Newcastle. So, watch this space!

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