Three of the four contenders for the 2019 Doggett’s Coat and Badge pictured recently outside Fishmongers Hall. Left to right George Gilbert, Jack Finelli, Simon McCarthy (winner in 1984) and James Berry. Patrick Keech was absent.

3 September 2019

By Tim Koch

A reminder from Tim Koch.

Anyone who may be having a late lunch in Central London on Wednesday, 4 September, has a chance to witness some living history in the form of the 305th Doggett’s Coat and Badge Race, an event that I previewed last week.

The race or ‘wager’ starts at London Bridge at 2 pm. It should reach the finish at Cadogan Pier, Chelsea, within 25 – 30 minutes.

A few pictures to inspire anyone considering going to watch:

The start of the 2013 Race.
Stuart Coleman goes under Westminster Bridge in the 2012 race.
A portrait of Herbert Clark, winner of the 1948 Doggett’s, hanging in Fishmongers’ Hall.
Louis Pettipher, the 2015 winner, in knee breeches and stockings but minus coat and badge.
Sadly, the traditional poster is not longer produced. The last that I know of was printed for the 1995 race.
A happy Merlin Dwan, winner in 2012.

A one-and-a-half minute trailer for a 30-minute programme made in 2018.

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